Self Hosting here we go.

It’s time to move to a unique URL.

I mentioned that this site here on was a temporary location for what I wanted to explore, more or less so I could start getting some of my ideas down while mulling over potential names for the site which would need a unique URL.

Come to the new site.

Come to the new site.

Well I’ve finally settled on a name and as it turned out I’ve ended up returning to the first name I chose temporarily for here – Inspired Acceptance.

Like most names on the internet, Google, Rotten Tomatoes or Zen Habits, the name becomes synonymous with the site and content rather than the other way around. I also had to find something still available after dealing with all the domain squatters out there taking the easy names and not using them.

The site is still brand spanking new and I have a lot to do before it’s fully frocked up but I’ve imported the posts I initially put here and I’ll soon be back into creating some new content. I have many draft posts already and hundreds of notes to flush out new posts so content is only a matter of time.

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Well Bugger! – Dealing with Unexpected Disasters.

Testing how well you accept the moment.

There you are in the kitchen, just washed your hands in the sink, wet and slippery. Open the fridge door, reach down for a bottle and as you lift it you feeeel it slip through your fingers… Time sloooows dooown. The last you know of it and it’s chilled glassy goodness is as the lid leaves your fingertips. NOOOOoooooooo! Then in slow motion it hits the floor, smashing into a bizillion pieces, scattering shattered glass across the room and spilling the contents everywhere.


Well Bugger me!

For most people, as the bottle hits the floor, it’s F*#k, S#@t or some expletive to express their displeasure. Determined to rally against the unfairness of life.

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Using Art to Share the Wonder of Science

Somethings are so very hard to express.

It’s easy to share some things – Look over here and see the wonder of a sunset. “Ahhhh, yes, it’s beautiful.” *Insert gentle melody played on strings*

Other things are not so easy – Look at the wonder of that star, third from the right as it moves into it’s later stages of existence and start to burn metals. “Eh? What? It’s just a star!” 😦

Sharing the wonder of science.

The problem… The most important problem for the sciences, above everything else, is how to communicate immensely complicated topics and concepts without turning the audience against you. From the days of Pythagorus and Copernicus this has been the issue but occasionally some very cleaver people involve artists in the task of getting across some of the concepts that normally need a PhD to start to feel it’s wonder.


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Food. Is it an Experience or Just Nutrition?

New realities of an old concept.

Food has been with us since our distant ancestors absorbed it through cell membranes way back when we were pond scum on the recently habitable Earth. Back then food was simply nutrition for growth, energy and dodging falling meteorites. Then it became something more.

1920's Family Meal

1920’s Family Meal

Looking at the world differently means there are no sacred cows to opinion, belief or reality. Everything can be reassessed including something as simple as the food we eat.

You know the use of food as a cultural expression. It connects us in ways nothing else does. Connection between people from a birthday party to a United Nations conference will involve food in one way shape or form. Just imagine a world without the ritual of food and the eating of it. But it is still nutrition, and sometimes it’s too much of a good thing or as is often the case in a world of cheap mass produced food, too much of a bad thing.

Food for nutrition and food for culture.

Everything you need for a meal.

Okay we have the food for significant events sorted. There is no issue of creating as much quality food for all the events of our life as we want or need. But what about the more mundane times in our life where we just want to get on with it and it’s all about fuel and nutrition? And if people to date are grabbing fuel in the form of a greasy, cheap, mass produced burger with fries and a coke couldn’t we find something better? Continue reading

Seeing beyond our Reality into the Impossible

Just imagine if you could perceive more of reality.

Bees can see into the ultraviolet and snakes the infrared but we can only see the colours of the rainbow. And for some of us we can’t even see all of those colours. Imagine if you could perceive more of the world you’re immersed but oblivious to.

The human eye can’t see beyond these limits but here’s Neil Harbisson who’s someone who can perceive colours beyond the limits of normal human senses. Being completely colour deficient Neil is augmented, to hear colours and is extending his range well beyond what we can see into the realms of science fiction. It’s one way of getting around some of the issues of qualia by moving input of one sense to another.

Here is a worthwhile impromptu conversation with Neil by Julian Treasure sharing some of the more interesting aspects of audio relating to colour and the world around us.

But best of all Neil is known for his TED talk. Continue reading

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Compassion and the Oxford English Dictonary

How murder can be turned to good.

On the 17 February 1872, William Chester Minor committed a terrible murder. A murder out of paranoid panic which threw poor George Merrett’s six children and pregnant wife further into the squalor that was the working class Dickensian life in Lambeth, London.

No public hanging for William Minor

No public hanging for William Minor

The punishment for murder in 1872  was death but with the Criminal Lunatics act of 1800 a finding of criminal insanity had W.C. Minor locked away at ‘His Majesties Pleasure’. In this case it was the rest of Minor’s life, until when elderly he was shipped back to the United States where he remained in the care at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.

As an educated surgeon and veteran of the American Civil war and with the accompanying pension Minor, was able to amuse himself in his confinement with interests in literature and study, eventually to notice in one of the many books he had purchased, a pamphlet asking for help in compiling information on the use of words in english for the ‘Great Dictionary’ being compiled by Professor James Murray.

Language Skills

Oxford English Dictionary

And so the story unfolds in Simon Winchesters book The Professor and the Madman, of a life long collaboration to help create one of literature’s greatest works.

A compassionate society.

If this story had unfolded in an earlier era when the defence of criminal insanity wasn’t in place and the order of the day for murder was capital punishment, Minor would never have had the chance to use his intellect and abundant time to help contribute to the OED.

Compassion for mental illness

Story of madness but a great mind.

The defence of criminal insanity is one of compassion saying someone is too mentally ill to function with rational abilities but isn’t this the case for all of us on a long scale from sane to insane. Aren’t we all at some time a little unbalanced from societal norms due to experiences, emotion or illness.

William Chester Minor undoubtedly had a major mental illness which contributed to the murder of Merrett but although extreme isn’t this a little like all of us. When are we 100% rational and sane for that matter? If we have to cut Minor some slack for what he did, shouldn’t we also have some compassion for those around us who do odd things because of their situation.

With W.C. Minor’s abilities and self financing and due to the compassion of his time, the great works he was able to achieve despite his illness are still of benefit to our culture today but how many people have missed the opportunity to achieve their potential due to our lack of compassion for their situation and individual insanity, instabilityeccentricities, moodiness, personality.

Giving everyone opportunity, including yourself.

There are people all around us, who are a little, ‘left of centre’ so to speak. Who only need some support in one form or another to enable them to reach their potential and add greatly to society. We’re all too ready to judge others biased on our own thoughts and attitudes but a little compassion for the idiosyncrasies which we all have, would create a more friendly, compassionate society and as is the case with W.C. Minor, create opportunities for a full life for the benefit of everyone.

Just maybe you’re the one needing some compassion to be wonderfully eccentric and give the world something special.

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Looking out to see in – The Mirror Mind.

This is where we are and where we’re going.

It’s often said we create our own reality.
Here in 2:04 minutes you can get overview on how we perceive that reality… and maybe a little of where it’s taking us.

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